Bushman rotators for universal use

Published : 04/03/2018 13:48:49
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Bushman rotators stand out for their compactness, their quality and their easy handling, however, their adaptation to universal accessories was not possible, having to use their own rails and plates.

Bushman QuickClick rotator

The use of this specific inserted between the rotator and the adapter. makes it possible.

Adaptation piece

The shape of the part allows the bolted union between the rotator and the adapter, also preventing the rotation of this one by means of two small cylinders.

Bushman QuickClick rotator with adaptation piece

This accessory is compatible with Bushman rotators:

QuickClick (4,6,8,10,12,15,18,20 clicks)

Rotator available in several versions, allows to position the camera in intervals of 90,60,45,36,30,24,20,18 degrees respectively. It has a 3/8" lower thread and a M6 top screw.

Yetti Multiclick

It is an indexed rotator with 5 selectable configurations (8,12,15,18,24 steps per turn) that can be mounted on any standard tripod. It has a 3/8" lower thread and an M6 top screw.

Bushman Multiclick rotator with adaptation piece


It is possible to use, for example, an Arca style standard clamp such as DAC-25 connected using a 1/4" to 3/8" adapter.

DAC-25 Screw Knob Clamp

Bushman Yetti rotator with DAC-25 Screw Knob Clamp

Panoramic head

One possible use of these sets is the assembly of a panoramic head taking advantage of the high quality of the Bushman rotators. Using the Yetti rotator on the lower part, which is coupled with a horizontal rail and the QuickClick rotator on the vertical rail, the resulting panoramic head can be used totake 360-degree inmersive images..

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