L-bracket for vertical shooting

Published : 11/04/2019 13:29:09
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This type of accesory became popular among photographers with the aim of making easier and faster to switch the image orientation, keeping the center in the same point, when using a tripod. You can do the same manipulating the tripod ball-head but it's difficult to get the same framing without losing a lot of time and concentration. This is particularly usefull when shooting panoramics with fixed focal lenses, or even with zoom lenses as you would need to adjust the entry pupil position if you change focal length.


Uso de soporte en L

There are other reasons why you will want to use these L-plates:

1.- Stability. The center of gravity of the equipment is closer to the ballhead center making a very rigid  connection. There will be no vibrations or movements which turns into sharper images.

2.- An L-bracket is made of very resistant aluminium alloy which encloses at least half of contour ot the camera, increasing protection agaisnt drops or impacts. 

3.- Having two separate plates and extra holes give you more options for fitting other devices to your camera. You fit articulated arms, displays, lights or wooden handles using a quick release system to easily adapt your camera to the specific shooting needs.


4.- Another feature we can find for small camera users is a grip improvement. There are models that we call U-plate which have an extra piece of metal designed to fit our hand more comfortabily. These brackets are normally made of three detacheable parts so you can remove the handle or the vertical plate if not required.

Soporte en UChoosing the best L-bracket for your camera is quite a personal task. I would suggest to go for the specific product designed for your camera as the size and weight will be optimised and will normally fit as a glove. Even more important on specific brackets is that battery, card and cable access is ensured by design so you don't have to remove the bracket.

For popular cameras you normally have many models available from different brands so you can choose according to price or design, but for old or minority models you need a universal model. The better options have adjustable slots and moving parts in order to adapt to your particular camera and your own needs. Checking the camera dimensions and fittind screw hole position is mandatory. You can see a screenshot below showing the different options and filters on our online shop:


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